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Magical Mpumalanga Tour

The Magical Mpumalanga Tour combines the Mpumalanga Highlands and the most notable attractions in Mpumalanga with a luxury summit tour safari in the Kruger National Park. It is a private tour which can start on any date specified by clients. An experienced African Sky guide leads the tour.

It is an ideal experience for those interested in exploring the area between Johannesburg and the Kruger National Park, before enjoying a luxury safari in the central region of the park. This region is generally regarded to contain the highest concentration of both plains game and predators in Kruger.

Meet The Rescued Elephants Near Kruger National Park.

This unique encounter introduces you to the herd of rescued elephants found in this reserve, with the chance to touch them, walk with them and ride them through the scenic bush setting.

A stop for sparkling wine and a picnic lunch is also provided, where you can watch the elephants playing and bathing in the dam. Your guide will give you a history on the elephants, and teach you about their role as ambassadors for South Africa’s African elephants.

5 Things to Seek:

  • Bushbuck
  • Elephant
  • Lala Palm
  • Red Headed Weaver
  • Fish Eagle

Elephant Hall:

Visit the Elephant Hall and enrich your knowledge on the Elephant’s social structure distribution and ecology, morphology and physiology, origin and evolution as well as their relationship with humans. There are 3-D displays giving an exciting visual in-depth background to Elephants. The highlight of the exhibition is the impressive ivory collection, which includes the tusks of the legendary ‘Magnificent Seven’. The hall also serves as a general ecological information centre.

Elephant And Human Interaction

  • Witness their intelligence, their compassionate nature and
  • sheer delight of interacting with their human counterparts.
  • The interaction with the elephant offers you the opportunity to touch the elephant  and exchange trunk greetings and offer tasty treats.
  • Enjoy a different perspective while embarking on a journey which was once a priviledge reserved only for kings.

Mature males form bachelor groups and become solitary bulls. Elephant form strong family units of cows, calves and young offspring. Such herds are always led by an old female. Apart from drinking large quantities of water they also love wading or swimming in it. Elephants clearly relish mud baths.

It was once thought that family groups were led by old bull elephants, but these males are most often solitary. The female family groups are often visited by mature males checking for females in oestrus. Several interrelated family groups may inhabit an area and know each other well. It is imperative to keep in mind that Elephant are extremely intelligent, andeach individual has a distinct character. Although there will be exceptions to the rules, the common signs of a mock charge are bush-bashing, dust-throwing, trumpeting and other vocalizations, open ears and an intimidating presence, can be considered a mock-display.

Aggressive or startled elephants usually make sudden headshakes and flap their large ears against their head. Serious charges usually occur after all attempts to intimidate have failed, and the Elephant feels threatened. The ears are pinned back and head and trunk are lowered. Ultimately, the key lies in the intelligence of the animal and how they will react to the ‘target’ and unfamiliar actions, and a conscious decision is made.

Here are some tips on ensuring your elephants sightings are amazing:

Elephants can be unpredictable at times… They have poor eyesight  but a very keen sense of hearing and smell. If you are driving around and spot a bull in must (look at the side of the elephant’s head, the temporal glands found in between the eyes and ears will be secreting a liquid and at the height of must, the penis will be secreting liquid and the bull will smell really bad) or breeding herds approach with caution. I am sure you have heard of some elephants forcing people to reverse a few kilometres down the road, that would be one of our bulls.  Just humour him and wait for him to move off, after all, it is his home you are in!

Breeding herds, elephants are extremely protective over their young! Do not rush up to a baby to get your ‘dream’ photo, the mother will see this as a threat and will not hesitate to ‘dispose’ of you… Again, respect them and they will respect you

One of the warning signs

Some signs to look out for:

  • A rocking motion with one foot swinging to and fro
  • The ears are spread out followed by a head shake
  • Grass is tossed into the air followed by dust being kicked up
  • Loud trumpeting
  • Trunk may be up trying to smell you out
  • Fake eating or stopping to eat and staring at you as you pass
  • Males are much more placid than females and after throwing tantrums will easily be turned away.

Take a good ride to see these fascinating elephants with Summit Tours And Safaris

Bush Walks With Summit Tours In The Kruger National Park

If you love being alone in nature, there is something you should consider. Walking in the Kruger National Park. The Kruger Park offers all sorts of bush walks and bush trails that the general public can go on accompanied by trained game rangers. All the main rest camps in the Kruger National Park offer bush walks, normally about 3 hours, which take you on an amazing interesting walk through the wild bush. The rangers will show you all sorts of amazing things such as plants, insects, tracks, and offer superb information on all of them. You also could get close enough to them to experience what people were 100’s of years a go. A Kruger National Park Bush Walk from the camps is a must do with summit tours and safaris offering you the best ; morning bush walks with an armed safari guide. These exhilarating bush walks give you the chance to encounter the flora and fauna up close and appreciate the smaller inhabitants of Kruger Park. On bush walks you also get to track animal movements and identify wildlife activity with your experienced guide. Kruger is home to numerous predators which is why the safari guides are armed to ensure your safety. The bush walks are usually optional ,but are highly recommended as an excellent way to get a real feel for the African bush and its fascinating wildlife.

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